Ukrainian defense minister prepares troops for new battles

NATO: "Russian tanks, artillery, air defense systems and combat soldiers" are brought to Ukraine

Donetsk was once again under heavy artillery fire, fighting was also reported to have taken place in Luhansk yesterday. The ceasefire has been in place since the elections in the "People’s Republics" only on paper. Both sides are ratcheting up their positions, but the war has not yet broken out again and OSCE observers are being accepted. But if no new serious negotiations are initiated quickly, the signs are pointing to war. Ukrainian Defense Minister Stepan Poltorak has already urged the armed forces to resume combat operations. The military activities of Russia and the terrorists supported by Russia "terrorists" was required to do so. In Donetsk, the website of the mayor Oleksandr Lukianchenko was mer.Dn, which published information about the situation in the city, was closed. Little to be expected from the UN Security Council’s special session on the situation in Ukraine.

Ukrainian defense minister prepares troops for new battles

In this photo, a pontoon bridge built by the Russian military near the Russian city of Donetsk across the Donets River is said to be seen, over which military vehicles and tanks will be brought into Ukraine at the end of October.

In recent days, the OSCE observer mission had spoken of several convoys of military vehicles with artillery and tanks heading toward the front line in separatist-held areas. NATO Supreme Commander Philip Breedlove confirmed the reports to journalists. Such convoys have also been seen, he said "Russian tanks, artillery, air defense systems and combat soldiers have been" were brought to Ukraine. There were more Russian soldiers in Ukraine who were training separatists in modern weapons. He is most concerned about the open, completely porous border, through which everything can be brought into Ukraine from Russia.

He also reported that Russia has allegedly installed nuclear-capable systems in Crimea and has beefed up troops. Breedlove, according to the BBC report, did not say that Russia wanted to attack Ukrainian positions, but that the target of the troop reinforcements was not known. He suggested that the presumed troop reinforcements could be used to strengthen own positions in order to create a more coherent and defensible front line. However, the separatists had announced a few days ago that they would use military force to take Mariupol, Kramatorsk and Slavyansk, which belong to New Russia, if necessary.

Photo of a Russian convoy of a unit from Murmansk from the same source. The photo is said to have been taken near Kamensk, a Russian town on the Donets River. So that still doesn’t say much.

Moscow continues to deny any military activity in Ukraine. Lieutenant General Igor Konashenkov, the Defense Ministry spokesman, said laconically that they have long stopped listening to Breedlove when he speaks of Russian military convoys in Ukraine. That is "hot air". However, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu announced new patrol flights of long-range aircraft. Thus a practice of the Cold War was resumed once again. The planes were not only flying on the Russian borders and in the Arctic Ocean: "Under the present circumstances, we are forced to be militarily present in the western Atlantic, the eastern Pacific, the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico." One jerks thus also the USA more near, how this is approached to Russia.

Russia is planning to send the seventh convoy of aid to the "Volksrepubliken" schicken. In einem Telefongesprach mit US-Aubenminister Kerry betonte der russische Aubenminister Lawrow, dass direkte Gesprache zwischen Kiew und Lugansk/Donezk unumganglich seien. Obviously, for Moscow, the elections in Donetsk and Lugansk have confirmed the legitimacy of the political leadership there. Lavrov had not recognized the elections, but said Russia respected them. Kiev rejects direct negotiations with separatist leaders and calls election illegal.

After the government in Kiev announced that it would not pay pensions or other government funds to the people of the "People’s Republics" The people’s republics reacted by announcing that they would not supply any more coal to Ukraine until the war was over, and that they would also offset gas deliveries against the debt. Moreover, Kiev had blocked the accounts of workers in the coal groups. Also, the 400.000 Ukrainians have not received any social benefits. Kiev is facing problems with the onset of winter because stocks are insufficient and imports of coal from Sud Africa have had to be stopped for reasons that are hard to understand, which has led to disputes within the government. Head of government Yatsenyuk has instructed the secret service SBU to clear the background. Coal from the USA or Australia is 15-20 percent more expensive than coal from Russia or the People’s Republics "People’s Republics". Thus, in addition to dependence on Russian gas, another dependence is added.

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