The ruples are always the others!

In the western United States, cell phone users are more courteous – and most of all, so are you

Proper cell phone etiquette, especially the commandment not to unnecessarily inconvenience those around you when using a cell phone, depends somewhat on the culture of each country: Italians are a bit livelier and more vocal on the cell phone than Finns, for example, just as they are in normal everyday life. In the U.S., different cultures meet, which could have different perceptions of the burden of public telephony. But the results are relatively consistent.

If the image of the useful companion, the cell phone, suffers due to pushy busybodies who babble loudly or are constantly called while eating or at the movies, this is not good at all for the cell phone manufacturers. To understand the current situation in the U.S., Samsung USA commissioned a survey from Kelton Research, a market research firm, in which more than 1,000 cell phone users from teenagers to seniors participated. The results were announced last Thursday.

It's always the others who get the blame!

While the top bars reflect the respondents’ self-assessment ("Not Very": Not Very Considerate, "Somewhat": Somewhat considerate, Extremely: Very considerate), while the lower bars show the other people’s assessment, i.E. How the respondents judge other cell phone users

One in three Americans accepts someone having a cell phone conversation in a restaurant. In other precarious situations, however, these percentages are much lower, whether on a first date, in a private conversation, in a business conversation, or in the cinema. Teenagers are always much more phone-friendly than older cell phone users, which is particularly evident during the "first date" (13% for teens vs. 5% for the 55+ generation), business meetings (10% vs. 3%), and movies (9% vs. 2%). That actually sounds a bit scary: Who wants to go on a date with someone whose phone is ringing all the time or go to the movies with someone like that?? Overall, however, the clear majority of American cell phone users (56 to 70%), depending on their age, are convinced that talking on the phone is not appropriate in any of the above situations.

It is interesting to note that, of course, the bosses are always the others: While only 3% of respondents admit that their phoning behavior could be stressful for those around them, 51% think that others are not considerate of their surroundings. 57% of respondents consider themselves extremely considerate, but only 4% say that they think the same of the people around them. When it comes to age, things are at least a little more honest: 79% of Americans over 55 consider themselves very considerate, but only 32% of teenagers do. In addition, telephone users in the western U.S. Consider themselves somewhat more courteous than those in the rest of the country and say the same about those around them.

Derartige Statistiken fur Europa und Deutschland sind bislang nicht bekannt, allerdings sollte man sie eventuell noch um solche abstrusen Rubriken wie "Geschaftstelefonate auf der CeBIT-Toilette" oder "Simsen beim Beischlaf" erweitern, die doch immer wieder zu grobem Erstaunen und Erschrecken bei Zeugen derartiger Vorfalle fuhren und doch absolut nicht selten sind…

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