The reputation of microsoft sinks at the american computer users

Antitrust procedure has no damage to Microsoft

Microsoft continues well. The profits are still increasing. The value of the Group has absorbed the brand of half a trillion of dollars. Bill Gates is the richest man in the world with Uber $ 100 billion. But what about the benefit of the fast monopolist in the field of operating systems for PCs?

In a telephone survey carried out two weeks ago in the United States on behalf of the New York Times and CBS, at least 60 percent of those who use the computer at home or in the work, a positive opinion on the Group. In a survey one year earlier, however, there were still 67 percent, and with a gallup survey with the same question, there were still 73 percent. So it seems to go with the reputation of Microsoft, although the number of 60 percent with a positive opinion despite all the criticism of software defects, safety hoists or business jumps is worth the most other companies Microsoft certainly envy. Microsoft itself, of course, had permanently found in its own questionnairing that 75 percent of computer users have a positive opinion on the Group. So a burglary should not be determined.

If you think that the antiTrust process has shaped Microsoft’s watch, sees itself exchanged with the American burgers. These are less than a year before convinced that the procedure makes sense. Especially computer users tend to coincide with Microsoft that the Group’s business jumps are more likely to benefit the customer than hurt them. 52 percent of the respondents voted in the Times / CBS survey for the opinion that Microsoft’s behavior was good for the customer, while only 25 percent support the procedure of the Ministry of Justice.

Amazing with the survey is that with the falling reputation of Microsoft but also the number of people was lower, which ensures a negative opinion on the Group. In 1997, this was 17 percent, this year only 11 percent of respondents. The information in the categories have increased "neutral / neither-nor", "mixed" or "Do not know". For Frank Newport, editor-in-chief at Gallup, this indicates a growing ambivalence of people to Microsoft. Similar to political surveys, the support for the favorite, but people have not yet turned on a competitor.

Another survey of Techtel under 900 IT specialists who are carried out quarterly, but set a continuous and steep trend to them. In the second quarter of 1997, 60 percent still had a positive opinion against Microsoft this year only 44 percent. "Customers forgive the most likely", Commented Michael Kelly, the Prasident of Techtel, "But in people with the big knowledge, the positive comment has fallen the strongest. This is a growing and serious problem for Microsoft."

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