The “honorable truth” of the taliban on tv

A new TV series in the Arab world and the ubiquitous Internet message from an Iraqi jihadi force

Holidays are also family days and television days. What is especially true for Christians at Christmas is now also a tradition during the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan, which began last Friday. This year’s TV highlight for Arab broadcasters was to be a 30-part production called "Der Weg nach Kabul" sein. But the broadcasters in Qatar and Jordan have decided not to broadcast the love story with a political background.

An Afghan and a Palestinian fall in love with each other in the West, in the English metropolis of London. But their love is put to the test: he wants to go to Afghanistan to join other Arabs in the Taliban’s fight against the Unbelievers. The woman has to go into hiding and is no longer allowed to work, and their love fades away.

Around this love story, the TV series is supposed to tell a lot about Afghanistan’s recent history: about the Mujahideen and their fight against the Soviets and later against the Americans, about the training camps of al-Qaeda – even Osama Bin Laden is supposed to appear, portrayed by a young actor with a glued-on black beard – and about the Taliban: which is why there is now a lot of speculation about the cancellation of the telenovela in Jordan and Qatar.

Because on the eve of the broadcast, appeared on a website a threat of the so far unknown "Mujahideen Brigades of Iraq and Syria", who "swore by God", That should they see anything different in the series than the "honorable truth of the Taliban", will kill all those who are involved in this "Sudel viciousness" in this sordidness. From the satellite broadcasters, actors and cameramen to their correspondents (!) none of the participants could be sure to escape revenge – for all times: "If not today, then tomorrow, if not tomorrow, then in a month, in a year.."

While the Jordanian author of the Afghanistan TV saga, Jamal Abu Hamdan, is surprised that the attack comes from this side – and not, as suspected, from the U.S. – since he has tried to present Islam and the Afghan background in a balanced and objective way, he is also surprised that the attack comes from this side "balanced and objective" to present, the TV stations in Qatar and Jordan denied that they had canceled the series because of this as yet unverified threat from the Internet. Rather, he said, because of "technical problems" could not send the 3 million dollar product.

In Saudi Arabia, the first three episodes were a "Strabenfeger"As is customary according to the widespread conspiratorial rhetoric there, the "Saudi Strabe" the USA is responsible for the cancellation of the series in Jordan and Qatar.

As it happens, the "technical problems", which the Qatari and Jordanian television has with the series, u.A. In the fact that so far they only have material for a few episodes, and the supply is not guaranteed. It may well be that soon they will meet again more often on the Saudi streets to tell stories about the all-encompassing power of the CIA.

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