Patriotism as a puppet show

Bush, the hero, Chiraq, the worm, Hussein, the confused prisoner, or Udai, the shredded Bose: How ideologies are served and money is earned with play figures

One must, patriotically minded, present one’s enemies in a manner befitting of one’s country and channel one’s opinions in an orderly fashion. In times of war this is especially important, because the enemy has to be used for many things that are problematic in domestic politics. A patriotic-military culture does not have to be imposed from above, at least in some areas it organizes itself in a good capitalistic way. The figure manufacturer Hero Builders has been trying for some time to profit from the war against terrorism declared by the Bush administration (The Heroes and the Villains).

Patriotism as puppetry

"Axis of Weasels"Schroder, Chirac and Putin

Like in a continuous theater play, one could follow the events on the warlike world stage with the game characters. First there were the opponents Bush and Bin Ladin, who competed against each other. Bush, the hero, against the evil ("dirty") terrorist Osama or the "Butcher of Baghdad" Saddam, who should definitely be put into pink women’s clothes or appear in S&M-clothes to demonstrate how contemptible, laughable and weak the enemies are.

However, it is a manly world. A female character has not yet entered the game of macho and intrigue. But there is, as you would expect from "male fantasies" in the military environment, a fear of homosexuality and possibly of women, which drives to humiliate the opponents by making them appear as homos, faggots and women.

Quite exemplary, leaving out no stereotypes, this can be seen in the patriotic puppet world of Hero Builders. On the other hand, it is so exaggerated that the suspicion that someone is playing with people’s prejudices and frustrations cannot be completely dismissed. Quite appropriately, Governor Schwarzenegger had also crept into the collection, which otherwise consisted of heroes like Bush and Blair as well as villains like Osama, Saddam, Information Minister Saeed al Sahhaf (Baghdad Bob) or the "American Taliban", the "stupidest American ever to have existed".

"Captured Saddam"

But to the Iraq war there were the "Weasels", who just didn’t want to go to war with them. The Troika Chirac, Putin and Schroder also got their fat off. Chirac and the French came off particularly badly here – as elsewhere in patriotic circles in the USA. Naturally, the effeminate Frenchman("The worm") is dressed in women’s clothes – apparently they find service girl clothes appropriate – and still they call for a boycott on the website.

When Khalid Shaikh Mohammed was caught, there was also this immediately as a hate figure, even if he was probably not as rounded as Saddam, whom there are meanwhile in two variants. After he was caught, the bearded version was offered in no time at all. "We got him!", celebrates with governor Bremer and also quoted with relish the description of his capture: "He was just caught like a rat."

"Uday alive"

Saddam’s two sons, who were shot in a house by US soldiers in July, are now also available as figurines. For this the manufacturers have come up with something special. The corpses of the sons covered with wounds were shown to the media at that time. The pictures of the brother on display went around the world. At least Udai is now allowed to appear on the doll world stage – and this in the form of a premiere. As the first of the action figures Udai has namlich a turnable head with two faces. The gag: "one side, Uday alive; on the other side, Uday dead."

"Uday dead"

So the small and rough kids can live out their patriotism and see how the bad ones end up: covered with wounds and blood. Realistic education, but of the one-sided kind. Udai may also talk and at the same time celebrate his execution:

Someone must help me. I . . . I am still alive only I am very badly burned. Anyone! Can someone please call my father? I am in alot of pain, I am very badly burned so if you could just (gunshot), you shot me !! Why did you (3 gun shots).

Transcript of the text

It is strange that in many media reports that appeared about the quick appearance of the bearded figure of Saddam, there was no mention of this figure, which at least testifies to a (patriotic) identity of Saddam?) Tastelessness is.

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