“Navalny” has many names and faces

A cross check

In a recent announcement, the Russian government demands a complete clarification of the ratselhafte deaths in Germany. All Russian parties are united in blaming Berlin for this. To this day, the German government refuses to investigate the perpetrators and those behind it. The German government promised to clarify the situation, but the opposite is true. Until today she does nothing to comply with the demand for an international and independent commission of inquiry.

Now – together with the Russian Federation – the next steps will be examined very carefully. No one in this world should be able to commit such acts with impunity. It will now be examined in a very targeted manner, which persons in Germany are responsible for this, in order to impose appropriate sanctions against them. It is now about a language that Merkel understands.

Of course, the Russian government explicitly refuses to link this reaction to the alleged poison attack on Alexei Navalny.

The case of Nawalny

Alexei Nawalny is a Russian opposition politician and is particularly distinguished by two characteristics: He is an opponent of Putin and is a blatant racist and reactionary, which has made him a popular figure in the "free West" in the free West, which makes him a sympathetic person. Thirdly, he is supported more abroad than in his own country and last but not least, Navalny represents for "Putin", is not a serious threat to the current government.

Alexei Navalny collapsed during a domestic flight. After an emergency landing he was treated in a Russian hospital. In the environment of Nawalny immediately a poison attack was suspected. After the hospital found no signs of a poisonous attack, almost all Western government media were firmly convinced that the medical findings were politically motivated, i.E., that they were primarily false. Immediately a German hospital was ready to admit and examine the patient. The request was granted. The samples taken from him were passed on to a laboratory of the German Armed Forces in Munich, which undoubtedly stands for objectivity and independence, neutrality and unconditional philanthropy. There, the nerve agent Novichok was quickly, reliably and undoubtedly detected. As the name suggests, this is a Russian nerve agent "Russian" poison. And just as clear, proven and ascertained is the fact that behind it all "Putin", i.E. The Russian government.

The fact that the German foreign intelligence service BND (Bundesnachrichtendienst) had come into possession of this nerve agent in the 1990s does not change this "Russian government" not (anymore) alone over this "Russian" poison. This circumstance, however, excludes the possibility that the BND is even remotely involved in criminal, anti-trafficking activities, if one accepts as an alibi that neither the leadership of a terrorist network named "Stay behind", nor the joint, illegal surveillance practice with friendly intelligence services ("Five Eyes"), has led to any criminal or political consequences.

Ergo, even this possible connection does not speak for another "hot trace", owers in the application of valid hypothesis formations:

The use of nerve gas against Nawalny is a monstrous crime, whoever the perpetrators are. However, I would be careful about jumping to premature conclusions. (…) The nerve agent Novichok belongs to the group of super-toxic lethal substances that cause instant death. I wonder why Russian laboratories should change the character of Novichok in such a way that the lethal effect of the nerve agent is reduced and the victims are given a chance to survive. (…) It does not make sense to modify a nerve agent that was developed for immediate death in such a way that it does not kill, but leaves traces that allow its identification as a nerve agent. (…) Although its production is indeed very simple, its modification would be quite a challenge.

Frank Elbe, Ambassador a.D. And head of Hans-Dieter Genscher’s office, on 5. September 2020

So it is absolutely impossible, almost unthinkable, that "other" such as the BND, who are in possession of this nerve agent, use it in such a way that one can use it to carry out a cruel attack, while at the same time making sure that the victim does not die.

Let us take this "Evidence" If the evidence of the perpetrators is considered completely normal and convincing, then it is high time to execute this evidence on German soil as well.

In the last few years in Germany "Suicides" heaped

All these suicides are circumstances of death at exactly the right time, which, for the sake of precision, only applies to those who were killed by such a suicide "Suicide" benefit. This "suicides" have a common profile: if these people had not taken their own lives, they had been immensely important witnesses to events that are politically extremely explosive … And could significantly shake the official narrative that had been in place until then.

So it is not about any suicides that do not leave the circle of mourners in their meaning. It is also not about "suicides", which are mainly experienced and felt as a loss.

Here it is about "Suicides", which are a gain for those who do not mourn the dead. It is about "suicides", which happen exactly when the lives of these people become a danger for others, when it is a matter of knowledge that dies with them in the event of death. So we are talking here exclusively about "suicides", which yield a considerable profit, about "suicides", which bear a similar signature as poison gas attacks, which are associated with Russia (i.E. With the Russian government).

In our case it is about "suicides", which occurred in the course of the NSU-(non)clarification, one after the other, when it became clear that the murders, which could be factlessly attributed to the "foreign milieu" were neo-Nazi murders committed by a neo-fascist underground that the police and the secret service claimed not to have known about for eleven years.

Within four years, five witnesses who had been willing to testify about the assassination attempt on the police officers in Heilbronn and about their knowledge of the NSU network died.

This includes the assassination of police officers in Heilbronn in 2007, in which the policewoman Michele Kiesewetter was murdered and her colleague seriously injured. The investigations were shifted for years into some criminal milieu, until after the NSU made itself known in 2011, the NSU was made responsible for it.

Although there were no other NSU crime scenes with as many witnesses as this one, and more than fourteen phantom pictures were created showing the possible assassins, no search was carried out using these phantom pictures. Although numerous witnesses spoke of four to six participants in the crime, the police investigation revealed that only the two NSU members known to us (Uwe Mundlos and Uwe Bohnhardt) were supposed to have carried out this attack. Although none of the fourteen sketches even remotely matched the two NSU members, the police insisted on exactly these two.

In the course of journalistic research, massive manipulations in the course of the investigation were proven. There were the well-known "breakdowns" and ambiguities.

The question of why the fourteen sketches were not used in the investigation, why a manhunt for these persons was prevented, defies all normal investigative logic.

Dead witnesses

Parallel to this, there were witnesses from the neo-Nazi environment who were willing to make statements. Eine/r nach dem anderen starb, meist praventiv zu ihrer bevorstehenden Zeugenvernehmung:

Florian Heilig (21 years old) committed suicide in September 2013, one day before he was to be, "Suicide". He was found in a burnt out car. The police gives "lovesickness" as the reason. His family and his girlfriend strongly reject this cause of death.

Thomas Richter (39 years old), neo-Nazi and V-man, with the code name "Corelli", was found dead in his apartment in April 2014, a few days before he was to be heard as a witness in the PUA. The doctors diagnosed an "undiagnosed diabetes" as the cause of death.

Melissa Marijanovic (20 years old), ex-girlfriend of Florian Heilig died in March 2015 of a pulmonary embolism, which is said to have been the result of a fall with her motorcycle. She made statements in secret session of PUA in Baden-Wurttemberg and should be summoned another time.

Sacha Winter (31 years old) lived with Melissa Marijanovic and was found hanged in his apartment in February 2016. Allegedly he committed suicide. A life that all his friends reject.

Corinna B. (46 years old) died in February 2017. Three days earlier, on 30. January, the NSU committee in Stuttgart had decided to hear her as a witness. Nothing speaks for an "unnatural death". She also dies before she could be heard as a witness. In the 1990s, she was part of the neo-Nazi scene in Ludwigsburg. In 1996, she is said to have visited a trendy pub there together with Beate Zschape, Uwe Bohnhardt and Uwe Mundlos, who are now regarded as the founders of the NSU.

All these death traps even the reporter of the World Group Hannelore Crolly can only endure with sarcasm: "In the offer as causes of death are (…) two suicides, one from lovesickness, one just like that, furthermore the pulmonary embolism of a 20 year old and the ‘undetected diabetes’ of a middle-aged V-man. The official version is that he died of sugar shock out of the blue."

The German government with Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) considers it proven that Nawalny was poisoned with a chemical agent of the Novichok group – if not on behalf of, then at least with the connivance of the Kremlin in Moscow. Aubenminister Heiko Maas (SPD) turned the presumption of innocence on its head in an interview with Bild am Sonntag when he said:

"If they (the Russian government) have nothing to do with the attack, then it is in their own interest to prove it with facts."

Nobody in this righteous German society disagrees with him. Is the reversal of the presumption of innocence, i.E. The abolition of an elementary principle of a civil order, already common sense??

Then, as of today, the following applies: As long as the Verfangsschutz cannot prove with facts and the disclosure of all secret documents that it has nothing to do with the NSU murders, it is involved in.

Suicides, of which the living have quite a lot

There is one more "suicide", which was made public so casually that it is impossible to ignore the silence surrounding this case. A "suicide" in the midst of the VW Dieselgate affair:

There’s a dramatic twist in the VW abhoraffare. According to a report in Wolfsburger Nachrichten, a VW employee (…) was found dead in a burned-out car on Wednesday. The body was discovered in a car in the village of Rottorf (Helmstedt district). According to information from the newspaper, the dead man is the VW employee who is a suspect in the Prevent abhoraffare. A spokeswoman for the public prosecutor’s office in Braunschweig was cautious in her comments to the newspaper. The autopsy results are now partially available. No evidence of any external influence could be found on the body found in the vehicle,’ she said.

Manager-magazine.De of 12. 8.2020

Dem "VW employee", who is a senior employee, is accused of having illegally recorded business talks, which he did – this is usual in the VW group – on his own initiative, like the VW engineers who, according to VW group management, had developed and installed manipulation software behind their backs, without any instruction.

In this context, one learns quite incidentally that an arson attack had already been carried out on the house of this VW man in May 2020. Nevertheless: The public prosecutor’s office is investigating the question to what extent there is a connection between the arson attack and the suicide "suicide" could give a context. If this does not go too far ..

Let us summarize:

There are more than justified doubts about the willingness of German authorities to clarify the situation. There is significant evidence that evidence is being tampered with or eliminated, or else for "not purposeful" end up in the wastepaper basket.

There is strong evidence that these "breakdowns" were not committed out of stupidity, but with professional skill and political backing.

If one takes these cases as a basis for a political conclusion, it can only be this: The German federal government is responsible for the unwillingness to "Suicides" to clarify the question of "external influence" transparent and comprehensible.

The establishment of a truly neutral investigative commission that is financially and politically independent, equipped with the appropriate powers to review police investigations and, where necessary "Trap" is more than justified.

It is high time – irrespective of whether the Russian government will implement the above "Opinion" sends.

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