Munich without splatter art

Munich city council bans exhibition "Body Worlds"

When it comes to the dead, Bavaria’s liberalitas bavariae finally stops. The Munich City Council decided on Wednesday to close the gates of the city to the controversial exhibition Korperwelten (Body Worlds) by the scientist Gunther von Hagens.

The hit of the enfant terrible of the medical guild, who will present his bizarre landscape of 25 lifelike plastinated corpses and about 2000 dissected corpse parts from February 28th to February 30th. February to 15. June in a specially converted hall in Schwabing, will not take place in the Bavarian capital. Gunther von Hagens also wanted to dissect a dead body in front of a paying audience in the metropolis on the Isar. But this public Gekrose action was forbidden to him now also.

Munich without splatter art

Gunther von Hagens’ hacker

The ban on the collection of shocks, which the city council voted for across party lines, was justified by the need to protect human dignity. The exhibition, in which corpses and body parts were turned into art objects, violated both the German constitution and Bavarian burial law, which stipulates that dead bodies must be buried within 96 hours. Exceptions are only allowed, for example, in medical teaching and for scientific purposes.

Von Hagens also had no luck with German television stations: The Adolf Grimme Institute and the Evangelical Church in Germany (EKD) already announced on Tuesday that all German channels had, on their initiative, declared that they would not make a slot available for the broadcast of a section of the film. So the fan must console himself at home with the corpse art wallpapers, which are available for download on the Koperwelten website.

More success had von Hagens November last year in London. There he had dissected the corpse of a 72-year-old German in front of 500 spectators (The corpse event of the year). It was the first time in 170 years that such a procedure was carried out before a lay audience. The exhibition, which is said to have attracted 10.5 million visitors, had previously provoked reactions ranging from fascination to disgust with its mixture of unusual, interesting perspectives on human beings and sensationalism, for example in Mannheim, Basel, Berlin (Encounters with the Self) and Koln.

Von Hagens has been repeatedly accused of using the bodies of the dead to "Plasticine" to degrade its objects and to Disneyfy death with exhibits such as the horse and rider.

It still remains exciting: The exhibition organizers now have the opportunity to appeal against this decision. Then the administrative court will deal with the matter. The "Institute for Plastination" speaks of censorship and announces legal action:

"The ban of the exhibition KoRPERWELTEN in Munich is a worldwide unique censorship of the museum presentation of medical-anatomical preparations since the Renaissance. We assume that the arguments put forward are unfounded. The Institute for Plastination, as the organizer of the exhibition, will therefore exhaust all available legal remedies in order to carry out the exhibition as planned."

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