Mh17-interim report – courage to lucke?

Mh17-interim report - courage to gap?

Last location of the machine in flight and distribution of the trummer. FDR stands for "Flight Data Recorder" (flight recorder). Image: Google Earth. Trummer data: Dutch Safety Board

The Preliminary Report documents the currently available information as a summary

Heute um 10:00 hat die vom niederlandischen Onderzoeksraad (Dutch Safety Board /DSB) gefuhrte Untersuchungskommission den Zwischenbericht ("Preliminary Report") on the crash of flight MH17 in eastern Ukraine.

The preliminary report consists of about 30 pages and is intended to document the current state of the investigation. According to para.1 ICAO Annex 13, the sole purpose of the investigation is to prevent a similar accident in the future. The question of guilt is not part of the report, this had already been made clear in the run-up to the publication of the report. The interim report was sent for review to Malaysia, Ukraine, the Russian Federation, the United Kingdom, the United States of America and Australia before publication.

Transcript of radio and telephone communication. Image: Dutch Safety Board

It is reserved that the focus of the investigation may change in the course of further investigations. In detail, the known events of flight MH17 are documented and the activities of the investigation are outlined. The available documentation and sources are listed, whereby it is noticeable that the recording of the radio traffic between MH17 and the Air Traffic Control of UkSATSE is only available as a transcript. The transcript is included in the interim report.

The flight maneuvers of MH17 in the minutes before the crash are described in detail. According to the flight data recorder and the Digital Cockpit Voice Recorder, at 13:20.03 the recording ended without any special features having been recorded.

Among numerous other already known details about the flight, the plane and the crew, it is pointed out once again that MH17 was traveling above the areas closed to air traffic. Furthermore, it is emphasized that the black boxes were not recovered by members of the investigation team, but by unknown persons. However, there were no indications that the flight data recorders had been manipulated.

Product data of both recorders match Malaysian Airlines’ claims. Honeywell’s cockpit voice recorder was damaged beyond repair, but the 30 minutes of recording could be successfully read out. The flight data recorder from Allied Signal also exhibits some damage, but was fully readable. Also this recorder does not provide any information about a special incident.

The locations where the wreckage was found were documented as far as possible and the parts were evaluated on the basis of the available images from various sources. A rough number of impacts should be recognizable. The fact that the sites were spread over a large area indicates that the aircraft was broken apart at a large height.

As a consequence of the crash, there will be a safety conference in February 2015 with high-level representatives from all 191 ICAO member states.

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