King donald vs. Deep state: the “swamp” fight back

King donald vs. Deep state: the'sumpf' schlagt zuruck

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Real Game of Thrones

The Guild of Heralds and Loudspeakers had once again become very upset with King Donald, because he had called them "enemies of the people" had called. But the people of the kingdom, especially those in the countryside who had voted for him, agreed with Donald. They had already felt that they were not fully and neutrally informed during the campaign, but only very one-sidedly, and had not followed the recommendations of almost all the speakers, who all spoke out in favor of Hillary.

The guild had not drawn any consequences from this loss of trust and credibility, except for some alternative heralds and also Donald himself spreading lies, which they called "Fake News" of spreading what they called Fake News. The masses had been confused by this and had not believed the Guild’s proclamations, which were always the pure truth.

Now, election events in the exceptionalist kingdom had been moved outdoors for a long time because of the building safety, because the beams were regularly bent due to the numerous lies and false promises. "Fake News" was by no means a novelty and was quite common in the battles for the throne; candidates accusing each other of lies, proving them, beating each other about the bush, was a matter of course; uble defamation was, as it were, part of good manners.

The fact that Donald had set new standards in this regard had often been chalked up against him, and after his inauguration, he then struck back when he was asked by a herald from "CNN" with the remark: "You Are Fake News!" – because they had given a stage to the rumors about alleged Donald orgies in the capital of the Ultrabose. In the meantime, however, he told CNN’s Herold, who asked again at a conference, he had changed his mind: "You Are Very Fake News!" And tweeted right after that that New York Times, ABC, NBC and CBS could feel addressed as well.

"Donald the Dunnhautige" at odds with the childish heralds

The reason for this further escalation of his clinch with the Loudspeaker Guild was perhaps only that CNN had not immediately apologized to Donald for the defamation – as a mega-narcissistic egomaniac, the new king is so sensitive that he has already been called a "child" by some people "Donald the Dunnhautige" but beyond such psycho-political interpretations it could be called the slogan "Very Fake News" because he knew that he would score points with the people. The credibility of and trust in the heralds had been declining steadily for decades, and hardly anyone believed that they were really reporting freely, objectively and independently.

This distrust of the news was not accidental, nor was it due to the malice of the public, but was rather the result of a development in which the independence and diversity of the news in the exceptionalist kingdom had disappeared. Had anno 1983, under Ronald I., While the guild of heralds and loudspeakers consisted of 50 different companies that provided the people with news, opinions and entertainment, in 2010 under Obama only six gigantic companies were responsible for this. These companies were confusingly similar to each other, and this also applied to their news, which resounded from all channels throughout the country.

It was no wonder that a large majority of people no longer gave a damn about this standardized gruel – not even one in three still considered it credible. So, when King Donald spoke out against the heralds, he could be sure that he was speaking from the heart of a large part of his subjects. And, surprisingly, just as surely, those who were attacked gasped and retaliated with new attacks against him. Although they were obliged to neutrality and restraint, they behaved as childishly as the dark-skinned Donald. Thus, the mood in the kingdom continued to escalate, with both sides accusing each other only of "Fake News" of.

That against Donald’s regency and his plan to get along with the ultrabose "to get along" and together to put an end to the-"Caliphate" ISIS, a very strange coalition had emerged, as we had already noted in the last chapter. The masters of intelligence, seeing their main fleshpots threatened by Donald, together with the people called "Democrats", "Liberal" or "Progressive" The people, who called Donald a "terror" because of his racist and sexist tendencies, form a common opposition, which also includes the "Neocons" called warmongers paid, who under W. And Obama had fueled one war after another – as well as nearly the entire Speaker’s Guild.

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