Internet demo against arrest of italian globalization critics

The public prosecutor’s office accuses the activists from southern Italy of being members of a subversive organization

Anyone who happened to click on the website of the Italian Ministry of the Interior on Monday had to have a lot of patience. Because at 10 o’clock in the morning on the 18.November, an Internet demonstration lasting several hours, which significantly slowed down the server of the Minister of Internal Affairs. The website was already temporarily taken offline last year because of the virtual sit-in against the official website of the G8 Summit in Genoa (Netstrike.It targeted by the Italian judiciary).

The Internet strike is part of a wave of protests across Italy against the arrest of 11 leading activists of the anti-globalization movement from southern Italy. Other people have been spared arrest, but have not been allowed to leave their homes. 42 people are under investigation.

Among those arrested is the spokesman for the Neapolitan No Global activists, Francesco Caruso. Also arrested was Francesco Cirillo. The journalist from Cosenza made the headlines in the Italian media in April of this year after a listening device was found on his car.

The judiciary claims that the defendants are members of a "subversive organization" with the name "Network of the rebellious south" (Rete meridionale del sud ribelle) and they had compromised the functioning of the state authorities with the preparation of crude demonstrations, as in Naples and Genoa last summer. Critics accuse the judiciary of using investigative paragraphs 270. They interpret the decreases as a repression against an opposition movement that has gained new self-confidence through the European Social Forum in Florence in mid-November (Signal from Florence.

Support among the population has also increased. Thus, the No Globals participated in the resistance of Fiat workers against the threat of closure of several plants. It is not surprising that the metalworkers’ union FIOM protested against the arrests and expressed its solidarity with the victims. The organizers of the European Social Forum have denounced themselves and call on all those who took part in the demonstrations in Naples, Genoa and Florence to do so as well.

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