Gaddafi’s regime before the collapse

Who did NATO help, the rebels, certain branches of power, or the people of Libya??

Members of the Libyan Transitional Council left Benghazi last night for Tripoli. The capital is mostly in rebel hands, according to news last night and this morning. The fight is still on for Gaddafi’s headquarters. Two of his sons, including Saif al-Islam, who was considered to be his successor, have been arrested. It looks as if a clear preliminary decision has been made in the Libyan civil war (final battle in Libya), but it is not possible to speak of clear negotiations.

Whether Muammar Gaddafi is still in his Bab al-Azizia residence in Tripoli is just one of the many question marks surrounding the rebels’ "rebel triumph" associated with the rebel triumph. A tape recording of Gaddafi’s last speech may suggest that this is the case. In it, the ruler abruptly interrupts his speech, and a battle alert can be heard in the background, which coincides with news reports of firefights at the building complex. However, there are also rumors that the ruler is on the run.

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Dutch prosecutor’s office closes mh17 investigation

Lugansk separatists allegedly refused to cooperate, Malaysia calls for UN tribunal to clear it up

The Dutch prosecutor’s office announced last weekend that the criminal investigation by police and defense ministry experts into the downing of passenger plane MH17, which began two weeks ago, had been completed. With the OSCE’s help, it said it had once again gained access to the crash site, which is largely controlled by Donetsk People’s Republic separatists.

The main objectives of the investigation had been at the crash site. It was about gathering evidence to prove or disprove the different scenarios about the cause of the crash. Samples had again been taken at various locations and the local mobile radio transmitters and the eastern Ukrainian telephone network had been probed. The data obtained in the process has now been analyzed in the Netherlands.

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Austrian ruling parties want to make parliamentary work more secretive

Journalists threatened with penalties for reporting

The method of regulating several different issues in one legislative project in order to make questionable ones in the slipstream of popular changes is called "Paperclipping". A current example of this is the reform of investigative committees in Austria. There, unlike in Germany, for example, such bodies can only be decided by a parliamentary majority, not by a qualified minority. This makes the work of opposition parties much more difficult.

Now the two governing parties, the Christian Democratic People’s Party (oVP) and the Social Democratic Party (SPo), have held out the prospect of remedying this situation – if parliament agrees to a secrecy ordinance that stipulates that what is discussed in such an investigative committee must be classified in one of four secrecy levels ("Restricted", "Confidential", "Secret", "Strictly Secret") can fall into. If a member of such a committee leaks information to the media, journalists who report on it may face fines and imprisonment.

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Nawalny’s poisoning is also similar to the reaction of the german government to the skripal case

Nawalny's poisoning also resembles the skripal case with the reaction of the german government

Image Alexey Navalny: Evgeny Feldman.0

In the Skripal case, too, the substance was not disclosed and the allegedly most lethal nerve agent did not take effect until late

According to yesterday’s statement by the German government, the Institute for Pharmacology and Toxicology of the German Armed Forces in Munich has analyzed samples of the Russian opposition politician Nawalny, and "without any doubt" that it is a chemical warfare agent from the Novichok group. The Charite had spoken of a poisoning, but could not find the poison, but the Bundeswehr laboratory now also does not communicate which substance was identified. The Bundeswehr or. The institute have so far not given any more precise information.

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“Navalny” has many names and faces

A cross check

In a recent announcement, the Russian government demands a complete clarification of the ratselhafte deaths in Germany. All Russian parties are united in blaming Berlin for this. To this day, the German government refuses to investigate the perpetrators and those behind it. The German government promised to clarify the situation, but the opposite is true. Until today she does nothing to comply with the demand for an international and independent commission of inquiry.

Now – together with the Russian Federation – the next steps will be examined very carefully. No one in this world should be able to commit such acts with impunity. It will now be examined in a very targeted manner, which persons in Germany are responsible for this, in order to impose appropriate sanctions against them. It is now about a language that Merkel understands.

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Defense of the digital home

Anonymous – Cyberguerilla in the Infowar

In July, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange sought asylum at the Ecuadorian embassy in London. When in mid-August the British government threatened Ecuador with the storming of the embassy, this was not the fine English way, but a provocation of the people’s right. The diplomatic misstep showed once again the importance attached to the case of Assange and his disclosure portal, since the sovereignty of embassies is suspended only in a state of war. Is Wikileaks at war?

World War III is a guerrilla information war with no division between military and civilian participation.

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Doctors and psychologists as torturers

In the development and implementation of "innovative interrogation techniques" of the CIA, psychologists and doctors were also actively involved

Even though U.S. President Obama at least had the guts – or even felt obligated – to publish some of the legal opinions in which lawyers willing to serve redefined torture until it appeared acceptable (Pain and Luge), sharp criticism was rightly voiced that he does not want to take action against either those responsible or those who export it. Obama invoked "national security, which apparently allows anything and seems to become a proven means of suspending the rule of law and human rights with the new president. And he said that it was "time for reflection, not retaliation". But he did not make clear to what extent reflection would take place.

As it now turns out, the "harsh methods of persecution", as one liked to paraphrase torture, partly also against the resistance of the exporting secret service staff from above to have been enforced. As reported by New York Times, for example, Abu Subaida, who was particularly brutally tortured, was maltreated with all the means allowed by the shysters on the instructions of senior CIA staff at headquarters, although those who had interrogated him said he had already told everything he knew.

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Ukrainian defense minister prepares troops for new battles

NATO: "Russian tanks, artillery, air defense systems and combat soldiers" are brought to Ukraine

Donetsk was once again under heavy artillery fire, fighting was also reported to have taken place in Luhansk yesterday. The ceasefire has been in place since the elections in the "People’s Republics" only on paper. Both sides are ratcheting up their positions, but the war has not yet broken out again and OSCE observers are being accepted. But if no new serious negotiations are initiated quickly, the signs are pointing to war. Ukrainian Defense Minister Stepan Poltorak has already urged the armed forces to resume combat operations. The military activities of Russia and the terrorists supported by Russia "terrorists" was required to do so. In Donetsk, the website of the mayor Oleksandr Lukianchenko was mer.Dn, which published information about the situation in the city, was closed. Little to be expected from the UN Security Council’s special session on the situation in Ukraine.

Ukrainian defense minister prepares troops for new battles

In this photo, a pontoon bridge built by the Russian military near the Russian city of Donetsk across the Donets River is said to be seen, over which military vehicles and tanks will be brought into Ukraine at the end of October.

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The fbi has not kept up with the translation of the.9. Of the surge in wiretapped telephone conversations since 9/11

According to a report by the U.S. Department of Justice, technical problems are also to blame

The FBI has been eavesdropping since 11.9. 2001 as part of anti-terrorism investigations under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), as much as possible to ensure that no hint of suspected terrorist activity escapes his attention. Among them, of course, also many languages, for example, in Arabic. But many of the thousands of recorded conversations remain misunderstood because the eavesdroppers have not kept up with the translation, even though the FBI has been given more money and more staff for this purpose.

With the Patriot Act, the restrictions of the FISA law were largely lifted, so that the FBI is allowed to monitor and intercept people even if there is no concrete suspicion of a crime, if they are spying for a foreign power in the USA or are pursuing terrorist purposes (USA: Free flow of information between intelligence services and FBI). Even if technically the capacities of a more and more rampant surveillance may exist, the scenario of the all eavesdropping Big Brother sometimes seems to fail because of banal things. However, the extent of the eavesdropping operations, as now evidenced by the compilation, revised for publication, of a report by Inspector General Glenn A. Fine from the U.S. Department of Justice became known, quite astonishing.

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