Dependence on the independent judiciary

Dependence on the independent judiciary

Courtroom in the Aeropag. Image: W. Aswestopoulos

Government and opposition want own judges

A dispute of bizarre proportions has broken out in Greece over the filling of the leading positions in the highest court, the Areopagus. The background is the plan of the government of Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras to reassign the posts of chief prosecutor and chief justice of the Areopagus. The Areopagus is the highest court for civil law and criminal jurisdiction. The Public Prosecutor’s Office of the Areopagus is responsible, among other things, for initiating proceedings against politicians who have been convicted of crimes. The court assumes a key position in the Greek state system.

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Action gamers learn easier

Psychologists explain how and why action games improve learning success

Several studies have already shown that challenging games improve gamers’ skills in everyday life as well. For example, hand-eye coordination benefits. Surgeons who had played on the computer before an operation also performed better afterwards, literally. Where these improvements come from in detail is not yet fully clear to scientists. An interesting study in the publications of the US Academy of Sciences (PNAS) now sheds some light on the subject.

An American research team first compared the performance of subjects used to action games and non-gamers in recognizing certain patterns superimposed by background noise of varying intensity. The gamers performed significantly better – in particular, they were better able to distinguish between patterns and noise. However, this experiment was not yet sufficient to establish a causal relationship.

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Drugs against unwanted behavior?

In the United Kingdom, the fight against so-called anti-social behavior has been rampant for years "antisocial behavior" Scientists now want to find out its physiological cause

For years, anti-social behavior in relation to children and young people has been grouped together in Great Britain and punished by the ASBOs (Anti-Social Behavior Order) ("We strike back"). Creative ideas (respect through supervision and punishment) were developed again and again, how the tendency to antisocial behavior could be stopped as early and creatively as possible (regular e-mails from school..). The government considers everything from graffiti to disturbing the peace, drinking in public, leaving gauze behind, snitching, or dealing drugs, which can "negatively affect others".

Despite the rough spectrum of antisocial behavior, British scientists from the University of Cambridge now want to have found out what is supposed to be partly responsible for it in male youths. Thus, the bodies of young people who have "antisocial behavior are said to be less" under stress emitted less cortisol than adolescents who had not exhibited antisocial behavior. The scientists measured salivary cortisol levels over several days during periods of no stress and then under experimental conditions that produce frustration. In the "normal" adolescents, cortisol levels rose steeply, while those with severe antisocial "with severe antisocial behavior" they decreased.

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Labor market germany 2019: skilled workers out!

labor market germany 2019: skilled workers out!

Commentary: Germany discusses the lack of skilled workers and a bad pension system. Future skilled workers and pensioners are being deported

In early June, the Bundestag voted on the so-called migration package. "We need real skilled workers and not potential ones." Mark Helfrich of the CDU.

On the one hand, immigration should be regulated on the basis of migrants’ qualifications. On the other hand, the expulsion of unqualified persons is to be made easier. Pro Asyl’s figures illustrate the trend of Germany’s deportation policy: in the first third of 2017, the German government deported 72 Afghans. In the same period of 2018, there were 64. This year, there are already 127 deported Afghans.

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The end of english as a world language

Are translation programs and economic developments breaking the power of English??

Hoarding English may appeal to the cultural pessimist as much as the cultural optimist. For, to begin with the positive, the dominance of Oxford English and its correct pronunciation, which was taught to us in school as the only good English, has long since been broken.

English has become our world language in the last two decades, enriched by all possible accents and idiosyncrasies of formulation from other countries. In BBC broadcasts, Indian, Arabic or Asian-colored English appears one after the other; differences can be recognized not only in the accent, but also in the wording and sentence structure. It is noticeable in everything, even in private dealings, that the dogma of the only correct English has fallen. That is quite a liberation.

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Plebeians must stay outside

Study shows high social selection at journalism schools

What happens when "Time"-editor-in-chief Giovanni di Lorenzo meets former defense minister Karl-Theodor von Guttenberg? No, it’s not just hair gel joining hair gel and cashmere sweater joining cashmere sweater, but then it’s also about the understanding of the power elites, who recognize each other quasi by smell. Where these elites in the journalistic field come from was investigated by Klarissa Lueg, a doctoral candidate at the TH Darmstadt, in her dissertation "Habitus, Origin and Positioning: The Logic of the Journalistic Field" . According to this study, social selection is particularly severe at journalism schools, which are regarded as recruiting institutions for journalistic careers "high group of origin". Children of skilled workers, for example, do not appear at all. The author sees this selection as a danger for a compensatory "compensatory, advocacy reporting".

The story basically goes like this: the really good jobs at the top with high incomes and reputations have always been passed down among members of the elites. In order for this to work, small invisible traffic lights are set up on the access ramps for the chairs of the chairman of the supervisory board, the federal interrogation judge, the dean of the university or the chief physician, which are regularly set to red when a plebeian comes along.

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