At legal crossroads

Security Council sanctions imposed without Due Process

One of the most contentious issues at the United Nations is the ie of Security Council reform. Along with sharp disagreements over the proposals of member states for expanding the number of seats on the Security Council is the less apparent ie of the need for change of the procedures by which decisions are made by the Security Council.

A letter dated 13 May to the Security Council regarding SC resolution 1267 (1999) states that the sanctions regime it established is "at a legal crossroads, with much attention focused on two challenges now on appeal before the Court of Justice of the European Communities."

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The u.s. Only to u.s. Burgers

Arabic-looking illegal immigrants have been treated like major criminals and mistreated on several occasions; students from Arab countries who have gone home on vacation do not know if they will be allowed to return

Illegal entry into the U.S. Is known to be a criminal offense. Since terrorists have become fair game and the U.S. Government determines who is a terrorist, illegal immigrants have become a pawn in the game between the immigration authorities and the FBI.

"Evil must be caught by name," said Georges W. Bush during his visit to Old Europe. There was already the report from the Inspector General of the Justice Department, Glenn A. Fine, on the table. 760 men and women with Arabic noses or speaking Arabic who came to the city after the 11. The people apprehended as illegal immigrants in the United States on September 9, 2001, experienced U.S. Justice far from democratic rules of the game.

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Since 1994 iraq had no more weapons of mass destruction

UNMOVIC weapons inspectors’ latest report to the Security Council criticizes the U.S. Government for obstructing their work, but its quality was confirmed by the U.S. Weapons inspectors’ futile search

The Bush administration had already criticized at the very beginning of the resumed UN inspections in Iraq before the war that the inspectors did not proceed decisively enough and that the Hussein regime was also a master in bartering. The UN was accused of incompetence, and the well-known, well-trodden stories were presented in contradiction to the reports of the UN inspectors "Facts" of their own intelligence services to prove that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction and provided the reason to end UN weapons inspections and start the war.

With great effort, the occupying forces allegedly loved to search Iraq with their own teams for weapons of mass destruction or at least for signs of the existence of corresponding programs. Again and again there were finds, which turned out to be misinterpretations afterwards. Finally, in January, U.S. Chief Weapons Inspector David Kay not only resigned after months of searching, but also said that Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction at the start of the war and presumably had not pursued any major weapons programs since the early 1990s (And yet they do exist!).

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Jenseits der kontrolle

Eine Veranstaltung zum Thema "Biologische Waffen im 21. Jahrhundert" im Deutschen Hygiene-Museum

Hinter der Modernisierung in der Wissenschaft stehen gemeinhin Freigeister, Aubenseiter oder eine intellektuelle Avantgarde. They make it possible for new ways of thinking and doing things to establish themselves far from the scientific mainstream. Such developments can be found in abundance in the recent history of Europe: Galileo’s heliocentric world view or Freud’s psychoanalysis are only two prominent taboo violations.

As important as such new impulses are for the modern human self-understanding, as important is their public control through a broad discussion and the thereby ensured alignment with valid ethical standards of the respective society.

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