The nuclear guinea pigs

In the desert, there is no one? France's nuclear tests in Algeria

In the framework of the French nuclear tests in the Algerian Sahara, almost exactly 50 years ago, people were sent into the heart of a nuclear explosion. To study, as it has been done, the physiological and psychological effects of a nuclear environment "nuclear environment" on the fighting morale of the troops. And, oh yes, there were some Wusten inhabitants, too, weren't there??

In any case, almost all of them are a little sick or a little dead now. Whether it was the locals or the appointed guinea pigs who, just 20 minutes after the nuclear explosion at Fub, simulated combat submissions to within 650 meters of the "point zero", i.E. The heart of the detonation. This "point zero" is 65 kilometers from the town of Reggane, a still inhabited oasis – of 2.000 inhabitants to be exact.

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Federal constitutional court lifts ban on assemblies in heidenau

"The ban of assemblies in the entire area of the city of Heidenau for the upcoming weekend weighs heavily"

The fundamental right to freedom of assembly (Art. 8 GG) is a gross fundamental right, commented SZ legal expert Heribert Prantl when the administrative court in Dresden overturned a ban on demonstrations by the district administration for the weekend in Heidenau.

After that, the Higher Administrative Court in Bautzen had reinstated the assembly ban in an emergency decision – at least partially. Because: "All events planned by the alliance 'Dresden Nazifrei' for this Friday were allowed to take place, the judges decided in the evening", reported the Tagesschau.

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