“Disdain for women is not specific to islam”

Ulla Jelpke, member of the Bundestag for the Left Party, on German asylum policy and the incidents in Koln

In the wake of the events in Koln, the asylum law is being tightened up. Were these really the cause or are they just a pretext to legitimize a different asylum policy?? Allegedly, a BKA report on the matter is being kept under lock and key. An Interview with Ulla Jelpke, Member of the Bundestag for the Left Party.

Ms. Jelpke, today you visited three Bavarian asylum shelters. What was your impression?
Ulla Jelpke: We were in the first emergency reception center in Pfaffenhofen, the special camp for Balkan refugees near Ingolstadt and in the collective accommodation in Neuburg. What I saw in these camps even exceeded my fears: A pure policy of deterrence is practiced there, the refugees live in terrible conditions. In the first reception center, about 300 people live in a hall, which is divided with makeshift cloths and allows almost no privacy, not even for the women. In my constituency of Dortmund, there are comparable facilities, but the refugees stay there for a maximum of three or four days. In Pfaffenhofen, on the other hand, they have to wait for months without being able to file their asylum application. People often come here traumatized and then they get traumatized even more. And how were the conditions in Ingolstadt and Neuburg?
Ulla Jelpke: In the deportation prison near Ingolstadt they were just as hair-raising. Here, about 800 refugees from the Western Balkans are waiting to be deported. The capacity there is currently estimated to be almost 3.000 places, and this despite the fact that fewer and fewer refugees are coming to us from the Balkans. One wonders who will be imprisoned there in the future – perhaps refugees from North Africa, from Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia? In Neuburg, I visited a collective housing facility, where mainly so-called "old traps" live. There three people share rooms of 20 square meters, often for four or five years. I even met people who have been living there for ten years.

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Praying with saxophone

Karl Lippegaus on the work of John Coltrane

With his commendable biography of John Coltrane, Karl Lippegaus successfully attempts to integrate the artistic career of the legendary jazz saxophonist into the contemporary events of the 1950s and 1960s with their social and cultural upheavals. A conversation with the media journalist.

Mr. Lippegaus, what is your favorite piece by John Coltrane and why??
Karl Lippegaus: I have no favorite pieces – neither by Coltrane nor by other artists. I am interested in the whole work and how it has developed. Coltrane recorded very different things, picking out one or the other would not do it justice. What distinguishes John Coltrane’s music from that of other jazz musicians??
Karl Lippegaus: Critics are always said to suffer from the chronic disease of comparing everything with each other. In this respect, this question is a dead end, because every jazz musician is first of all someone who follows his own instincts, asks himself his own questions and hopes to arrive at personal solutions. The fact that Johnny Hodges played completely differently from Ornette Coleman did not prevent Coltrane from appreciating both of them very much. It is worth reflecting on this and, following on from this, perhaps finding an attitude as a consumer to open up to these different styles. Was Coltrane’s music "more spiritual" than that of James Brown? The question leads to a dead end.

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Interior ministry reportedly expands pkk ban

interior ministry reportedly expands pkk ban

YPG fighter with flag, Tal Abyad, 2015. Image: screenshot YPG_Tall_Abyad_juin_2015(4).PNG:VOA video

Banned flags and symbols of the Kurdish party PYD and the People’s Defense Units of the YPG. Ankara could be very satisfied

In front of the scenes the German government stages conflict readiness. "Hard and controversial" in the matter" was his meeting with the Turkish Aubenminister Mevlut Cavusoglu, said SPD-Aubenminister Gabriel. Cavusoglu added existential pathos: Germany should decide, he said, whether to regard Turkey "as a friend or an enemy" see. There is no reason for Turkey to see Germany as an enemy, the Turkish government representative said two days ago, according to Tagesschau.

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Inability to react caused by anasthetics does not necessarily turn off consciousness

Inability to react caused by anasthetics does not necessarily turn off consciousness

Image: US Navy

During surgery, brains may be more in a drowsy state than suspected or even hoped for by patients

The expectation of patients undergoing surgery is, of course, that the anasthetics used for general anesthesia will not only prevent pain from occurring, but also provide for unconsciousness. In any case, we do not want to wake up suddenly and feel pain when we are under the surgical knife. At least that is the promise that comes with modern anesthetics.

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New energy, new jobs, new mobility

The switch to eco-energies creates far more jobs than are lost with the old energy carriers

Worldwide, almost ten million people are now employed in the renewable energy sector – in the solar industry alone 3.1 million, according to a new study by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA).

"IRENA" is the Greek name for "Peace". Every solar plant, every wind turbine, every biogas plant and every hydroelectric power plant is a sign of peace. Renewable energy protects and preserves nature instead of destroying it as fossil-nuclear energy carriers do. Many wars have been fought over oil.

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Munich without splatter art

Munich city council bans exhibition "Body Worlds"

When it comes to the dead, Bavaria’s liberalitas bavariae finally stops. The Munich City Council decided on Wednesday to close the gates of the city to the controversial exhibition Korperwelten (Body Worlds) by the scientist Gunther von Hagens.

The hit of the enfant terrible of the medical guild, who will present his bizarre landscape of 25 lifelike plastinated corpses and about 2000 dissected corpse parts from February 28th to February 30th. February to 15. June in a specially converted hall in Schwabing, will not take place in the Bavarian capital. Gunther von Hagens also wanted to dissect a dead body in front of a paying audience in the metropolis on the Isar. But this public Gekrose action was forbidden to him now also.

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German justice ministers support establishment of a european justice system

Besides Europol, there should be a European judicial authority "Eurojust" give

At their autumn conference from 22 to 24 September, the justice ministers of the countries of. To 24. November in Brussel again further on the construction of the 3. Saule is being tinkered with: The European police authority Europol is to be joined by a European judicial authority Eurojust. A European public prosecutor is to take care of the fight against fraud in the future. The judicial integration on a European level will be supported by a special computer program CURIS.


Thus, they support the establishment of the judicial coordination unit Eurojust. It will also be involved at an early stage in Europol’s analysis projects. As long as the national judicial authorities are not involved in a particular criminal case, Eurojust will act as the guardian of the interests of the national judicial authorities.

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The origin of life: without egg to chicken

The origin of life: without egg to chicken

Scheme according to which the first complex molecules could have been formed within a day-night cycle (Graphic: Brookhaven National Laboratory)

How simple molecules evolved into more complex variants that could self-replicate? Researchers provide a surprising new answer

The search for the origin of life is much more complicated than the search for a needle in a haystack: The researchers have to search for a needle, of which they do not know exactly what it looks like, in a haystack that existed 4 billion years ago and of which no one has taken a photo. Worse, even the exact conditions on the early earth are not known with certainty today.

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Sea breeze grows into a storm?

Is sea breeze growing into a storm?

At the Sea Breeze 2020 manover last June. Image: @DefenceU

NATO and Ukraine launch the roughest manover in recent years in the Black Sea. The potential for escalation is high

32 warships, 40 aircraft and 5.000 soldiers: Today, 28. June, the NATO manover Sea Breeze started in the Black Sea. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s years-long rough-and-tumble with Eastern European partners, most notably Ukraine, has been allowed to further exacerbate tensions with Russia.

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