Arab states: half of the under-30s are thinking about migration

Arab states: half of the under-30s are thinking about migration

Image: Pixabay License

Youth in ten MENA countries show clear signs of dissatisfaction with the opportunities they have in their home countries, as reflected in the Arab Barometer

In Jordan, just over 40 percent are considering emigration, up from just over 20 percent six years ago. In Iraq and Tunisia, the rate of those willing to emigrate is "willing to emigrate" is well over 30 percent, as the graphs show. In these two countries, too, a significant increase compared with 2013 cannot be overlooked. In Morocco, as in Jordan, more than 40 percent are considering emigration.

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The lonely spaceship earth

The lonely spaceship earth

A photo of the Nasa satellite OSIRIS-REx makes clear in the view back from 5 million km once again the precarious existence of the life

The search for extraterrestrial life has also a desperate character. For a long time mankind has lived quite well with living on a chosen place and having no cosmic neighbors. The anthropocentrism and geocentrism has naturally expressed itself also in the religions like the Christianity, after all Jesus has come as a Redeemer only on the earth to his believers, from other intelligent beings than the earthly people, the pagans were anyway excluded, was not the speech, one sees from angels, devils and other doubtful existences once off.

The Catholic Church has already managed to admit the possibility of other planets inhabited by human beings, saying that Christ came to earth as a substitute for everyone. Eigentlich hatte er sich ja auch vervielfaltigen konnen. The Son of God must be responsible for all in the cosmos, one has become careful with the chosen people, however, the unbelievers are still excluded. Inklusion ist nicht religiose Herzensangelegenheit. Difficulties are caused by the fact that at the time of Christ’s visit intelligent beings on other planets did not live yet or did not live any more – and how should they live? "Good news" have heard the good news at all.

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Eu parliament calls for “in-depth investigation” into us eavesdropping programs

All available means are to be used, in order to bring the USA to the inexorable clearing up

The EU Parliament, in contrast to member state governments and the EU Commission, has reacted much more sharply to the NSA wiretapping programs made public by the whistleblower Snowden. While U.S. President Obama has so far not denied the details that have come to light, but merely said that all governments do this, the parliament has approved by a large majority a resolution for the Civil Liberties Committee to investigate the U.S. Surveillance programs in detail "in depth" . There was not enough support for a committee of inquiry, as was done for the Echelon program.

The EU Commission, the Council and the member states should, in order to put pressure on the US government to "and complete clarification of the" the EU Commission, the Council and the Member States should also seriously consider suspending the agreements on the exchange of PNR data and financial data for counter-terrorism purposes. Condemn as totally unacceptable the spying on and bugging of emails and phone calls from EU offices. The need to verify that data collection through Prism and other programs is legal and not in violation of cybercrime treaties.

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Mh17-interim report – courage to lucke?

Mh17-interim report - courage to gap?

Last location of the machine in flight and distribution of the trummer. FDR stands for "Flight Data Recorder" (flight recorder). Image: Google Earth. Trummer data: Dutch Safety Board

The Preliminary Report documents the currently available information as a summary

Heute um 10:00 hat die vom niederlandischen Onderzoeksraad (Dutch Safety Board /DSB) gefuhrte Untersuchungskommission den Zwischenbericht ("Preliminary Report") on the crash of flight MH17 in eastern Ukraine.

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Long sent pictures

Thanks to Kirch bankruptcy: The exhibition "Television makes you happy" recalls the golden years of television

Like water lilies, the monitors lie beneath the dark surface of the water and show slow-moving images: bizarre aquatic animals, nocturnal street crossings, passing cloud formations, a fireplace, an aquarium Pause images from television, from a time when it could still take a few minutes to switch from one channel to another. Even the canaries, which hooted around on stylized power cables for Sudwestfunk until the 80s, are not missing. The long-dispatched pictures can be seen in the exhibition Fernsehen macht glucklich (Television makes you happy), which has been on display at the Berlin Film Museum since the weekend.

Logo of the exhibition. (c) blotto, Berlin

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The “honorable truth” of the taliban on tv

A new TV series in the Arab world and the ubiquitous Internet message from an Iraqi jihadi force

Holidays are also family days and television days. What is especially true for Christians at Christmas is now also a tradition during the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan, which began last Friday. This year’s TV highlight for Arab broadcasters was to be a 30-part production called "Der Weg nach Kabul" sein. But the broadcasters in Qatar and Jordan have decided not to broadcast the love story with a political background.

An Afghan and a Palestinian fall in love with each other in the West, in the English metropolis of London. But their love is put to the test: he wants to go to Afghanistan to join other Arabs in the Taliban’s fight against the Unbelievers. The woman has to go into hiding and is no longer allowed to work, and their love fades away.

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Heavy-lift surfing

Towing kite sail against "gauze burning at sea"

For the British Guardian, it is a historic event: the maiden voyage of a heavy-lift freighter from Bremen to Venezuela. The special thing about it is the recourse to a classic means of propulsion in merchant shipping – wind. A rough towing kite sail is to be set in the fourth week of January and will contribute a good portion of the propulsion.

The killer argument for the use of conventional propulsion systems no longer works well. The times of cheap fuel for ship engines, which sail the world’s oceans with extremely sulfurous heavy oil, and thus "and thus operate a kind of mull incineration at sea" are probably over. Even the most stubborn shipping entrepreneurs were allowed to realize this in the "very conservative" industry, which is always considered to be very conservative.

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The “international interests” of germany against those of the demonstrators

The Rostock police department has issued a crude ban on gatherings to protect the security fence around the venue of the G8 summit in order to prevent the planned blockades by opponents of globalization

The police department of Rostock Kavala, prepared by appropriate warnings, announced yesterday a general prohibition of assembly around the venue of the G8 summit. This is now to protect the 12 km security fence that has been erected around Heiligendamm even from possible attacks and to prevent demonstrators from blocking the access roads. August Haning, State Secretary in the Federal Ministry of the Interior, defended on ARD television-"Morgenmagazin" the Mabnahme: "We have a duty as hosts that we do everything we can to protect our guests."

In addition to the protection of the guests, the right of assembly guaranteed by the Verfang recedes into the background. Like a father of the nation, Hanning added that they will "but also" make sure "that meetings can take place that also criticize the summit and certain aspects of globalization.". In the General Proclamation, "all open-air public gatherings and performances" are prohibited from 30. May to 9. June within the "technical barrier", as the security fence is called, "around Heiligendamm and up to 200 m in front of the technical barrier, as well as in the small (lakeside) restricted area in front of Heiligendamm" is prohibited. This also applies to all unannounced demonstrations, i.E. The planned blockades, in the much larger area around the "technical barrier". Between the 2. And 8. June was also imposed a ban mile around the airport Rostock.

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East frisian jokes as “volksverhetzung”

What German investigating authorities deal with due to vaguely formulated paragra.

Last week, the radio station ffn announced that criminal charges had been filed because the company had loved to pay the presenter Timm Busche funf Ostfriesenwitze erzahlen. These were well within the scope of this category of jokes and did not touch on either historical or sexual taboos.

Differently than the picture newspaper reported, the public prosecutor’s office Osnabruck does not investigate so far however yet. This is however only because the ubermittlungsweg between authorities somewhat longer lasts and is to be counted on the fact that the announcement there only after next week arrives.

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It is getting tighter and tighter for the spanish judge llarena

It is getting tighter and tighter for the Spanish judge llarena

The Obserte Court in Madrid, where investigating judge Pablo Llarena works. Bild: VDF/CC BY-SA-3.0

The Catalan parliament has filed charges against the investigating judge for unlawful detention and perverting the course of justice, Merkel is said to have stopped a bloodbath in the independence referendum

The noose around the neck of the controversial Spanish investigating judge Pablo Llarena, who prosecutes Catalan politicians, continues to tighten. Llarena formulated the absurd charges of alleged rebellion (meaning a violent public uprising) on behalf of the Vorganger government. But it has already failed in Belgium and Germany.

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