The need carries woman

German doctors are mobilizing, but the German medical profession in general is neither starving nor threatened with extinction

The organizers spoke in advance of the largest demonstration of doctors after the Second World War, and in the end it seems to have been true. In Berlin alone, more than 40 associations participated and about 20.000 participants in the "Day of the Doctors" rallies, and nationwide, half of all practices remained closed. In this way, Germany’s physicians in private practice also protested against undesirable developments in the health care system, which, according to Jorg-Dietrich Hoppe, have led to "inhumane working conditions and unpaid overtime" for some time.

The president of the German Medical Association estimates that additional expenditures of seven billion euros per year would have been necessary if all services provided by physicians in private practice had been paid in full. By compensating all overtime in hospitals, this amount could increase by another five billion euros.

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Supreme court: bush appoints largely unknown conservative

A shrewd move in light of the U.S "culture wars", which have now been allowed to be decided by the Supreme Court rather in favor of conservatives

With the nomination of conservative John G. Roberts to be Washington Supreme Court justice, top judge jerks U.S. Another step to the right. Because the opposition Democrats have little of substance against the new guy.

supreme court: bush appoints largely unknown conservative

Yesterday, US President Bush, obviously pleased with his move, introduced the Supreme Court nominee, Justice John Roberts. Photo: Female house

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Body upgrade to the economic crisis

Because the job market looks bleak for the millions of new college graduates in China, some are trying to improve their chances through cosmetic surgery

Due to the economic crisis, the Chinese labor market is collapsing. This affects not only millions of migrant workers who can no longer find a job in the cities and return to the countryside, but also young graduates. In 2008, one million university graduates were already unable to find a job. This year, another 6 million – 9 percent more than in 2008 – will enter the labor market, with poor prospects for the time being.

The Chinese government is trying to steamroll the mounting resentment of the young academic elite, who are falling into unemployment rather than finding lucrative jobs at universities, with graduation programs and other demand and training measures. Eventually, frustration rises with growing rejection. Some of the graduates, however, as even state media – to cover up? – Some of the graduates, however, are resorting to a kind of self-help to improve their chances on the job market, as state media report.

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Must patients know english?

Dispute about German language skills of doctors

Every year, tens of thousands of doctors come to Germany from abroad. In 2012, Romanians led the physician influx statistics broken down by country. They were followed by Greeks, Hungarians, Bulgarians and Slovaks. In all these countries, the German language is not part of the basic medical curriculum. Therefore, these doctors have to prove additional language skills if they want to work in Germany.

Despite this, nurses often complain that they are unable to communicate effectively with some doctors about patients’ conditions and therapies, or that they have had to neglect their own duties to act as permanent interpreters. Die meisten Beobachter sehen die Losung dieses Problems in zusatzlichen Sprachkursen fur arzte oder in einer Erhohung der Anforderungen fur den Nachweis von Sprachkenntnissen, die in den einzelnen deutschen Bundeslandern sehr unterschiedlich sind.

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Van der waals to the power of ten

Limits radically questioned – New model for the effects of mobile phone radiation allowed to boost doubters about the safety of this technology

Who is female? Maybe talking on a cell phone will soon be a thing of the past – if what Swedish physicist Bo Sernelius suspects is true. He presents a new mechanism for the impact of high-frequency radio waves on body tissue, which could radically challenge the limits previously considered to be safe.

Van der waals to the power of ten

Electrosmog, the exposure of human health to electromagnetic fields, is unfortunately an elusive phenomenon. The effects are strongly frequency dependent, and we live with alternating fields of 50Hz (alternating current), several hundred kHz (medium wave), several hundred MHz (TV transmitters), 900 MHz (D-network), a few GHz (Bluetooth, microwave in the kitchen), several hundred THz (infrared, visible light, UV) etc. And of course, the evaluation of the effects depends on transmission power, distance and shielding – think of Icarus and the sun!

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Is soybean bad for physical and mental health??

Is soybean bad for physical and mental health?

Soybean field in Zambia. Image: Hippopx.Com

According to a study, the most widely produced and consumed plant oil in the U.S. Could challenge not only obesity or diabetes, but also neurological damage – at least in mice

In South America, forests have been and continue to be cleared for the cultivation of soybeans. Almost 90 percent of soy production comes from genetically modified soybeans. Nevertheless, soy is considered a healthy and vegan food, which is often used as a substitute for meat or milk, because it contains a lot of vegetable protein as well as polyunsaturated fatty acids and important minerals. In the U.S., soybean oil is the most widely used edible oil, with a share of 90 percent.

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Media theory as ghost lore

In an interview, Boris Groys explains his suspicion that there is something substantial hidden in the submedial space, and reflects on aliens and the failure of media theory

In conversation with Thomas Knoefel and following his last essay on the phenomenology of media (cf. Die Medien lugen (nicht)), Boris Groys reflects on some of his central ideas, which are situated between art theory and media theory. Behind the pompous title "Politics of Immortality" conceals a remarkable level of reflection on the functional principle of art- and media-theoretical discourse.

Dressed and with his hands folded on his chest, the figure lying in a barren room on a kind of ward bed looks as if deceased. Next to it, on a small table, some papers and a reading lamp. On the wall of the bare room likewise leaves, work samples perhaps, an open tower. This photo on the cover of the new booklet by Boris Groys shows the author from a less favorable side, like a corpse. The photo was taken in connection with an installation by Ilya Kabakov, the Russian conceptualist who has become known for the background irony of his works. Groys remembers Lenin in the mausoleum. Stalin – open tower! – has already been picked up in the meantime.

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Sweden’s government unveils new asylum law

While some tough ones have been softened, the new rules are still intended to act as a deterrent, the migration authority again expects up to 140.000 new refugees

When the influx of refugees reached Sweden last summer, where the red-green government was under pressure from the right-wing Sweden Democrats, they finally drew the line of friction in November. The country, which until then had been largely open to asylum seekers and practiced hospitality, made an abrupt U-turn (Sweden: The "Rough Power of Humanitarianism" abdicates).

The terrorist attack in Paris was another trigger for the turnaround. In addition, there was a lack of solidarity on the part of most other EU countries, which refused to take in refugees at all and instead, like Hungary as a model, built border fences and enacted emergency laws. The decision was made to put a stop to the admission of migrants and to "drastically reduced" . Last year there were about 160.000 refugees arrived in Sweden.

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