Cake islands, city islands and newly discovered neighbors

Cake Islands, City Islands and newly discovered neighbors

The space "to eat and drink" In the Dresden Hygienemuseum. In red the fully automatic kitchen "Elektra Technovision" (1965-1971) by Hasso Gehrmann. Image: German Hygiene Museum / David Brandt

In Smart City, two movement space meet – Part 2

Was it in the first part around the rationalization of the "Machine room kitchen" On the one hand and the functional city on the other side, the question can now be limited, which opportunities offer the digitization and virtualization of urban and domestic functions to cancel the working part of the long traffic routes. All about human qualities are towards this.

Part 1: The car, the kitchen and the intelligence of the city

The eyes can eat

End of the 60s, in the early 1970s, the vertex of the factory mythos of the broken lab room was reached Kitchen, and a trend into more flexible basic types and free impeller leases. The kuche became the heartstuck of open floor plans and thus the comfort. Otl Aichers "Cake islands" Finally, they gave a center to form the working and movement circuits. In parallel, if not in the sense of Aichers, another centrality had developed. She went from the control by technology, which in the 1970s trumped equally with space-allegories. In addition to futuristic multimobilies designed as by Hasso Gehrmann, Luigi Colani presented his ‘Kugelkuche’: "The woman invokes the function of the nutritional mother with the entry into the capsule, which ensures the survival of the central area via a hatch of uterine interior."1 Colani is considered "Master of the elegant curve", What automobody designers already took advantage before the First World War for himself. His own car prototypes are styled, but have aerodynamically very favorable values.

Like technology, cake island and open floor plan conclusively combined, an anecdote describes: A house warrant served in his new, after the state of the art, a cute. He blinks them flashing and flashing all the functions, and as the guests think it’s going to serve, he calls the pizza service… The kitchen is back "In the middle of the guests" arrived, and cooking is laid in front of the scenes of social life. The sophistication, however, is that the boiled is destroyed by the demonstration act of cooking. The chart of cooking is a twisting process. The technical rationalitat has increased to an end in itself. This corresponds to a human requirement layer: the self-proclaiming milieu. It sets up a culinary theater. From Le Corbusier "Puristic machine gasthetic" has become a rush-in-increased sensation (cook) machine. Functionalism is gentlified.

Cake Islands, City Islands and newly discovered neighbors

Luigi Colani: Kugelkuche, 1970. Image: poggenpohl

Those utopian cake sculptures were knocked on everyday benefit in the mid-80s. Designed was a kitchen from basic modules with integrated supply lines. The devices were freely combinable; The modules were plugged together and connected to a central supply and control unit. The next step, which revealed the cake to the headquarters of the technologically climbed switchability of the entire residential environment, came with the digital age. The relocation of the household works in itself according to the principles of a smart grid. The coffee machine applies when the alarm clock rings. Added to this is the controllability of Aufen. The data motorway has reached the microcosm kitchen. The circuits are relocated from the level of the devices to the transcendent systems. At the endpoints are the consumers (also as a feeder). The ends are at the same time intersections. The devices are queried.

In the first floor holm pattern apartments from 2002, the high-tech thread ran together with the refrigerator with built-in touchscreen. The cold has become the cold from the warm heart of the house. The place of the city and the use of technology penetrate in liquid network structures (space of the river). In Sudkorea, dozens of "Ubiquitreen Cities" built according to the pattern of smart grids. The construction of the city is adapted to the architecture of the network. The most famous U-City, New Songdo has already received a partial operation. Everywhere sensors are installed. All urban functions are networked, automated and retrievable. On the one hand, the network is divided hierarchically from central to nodes and endpoints, on the other hand in a horizontal flat structure.

Cake Islands, City Islands and newly discovered neighbors

Stefan Wewerka: Cake Tree, 1984. Image: Archive STW

Lost the Smart Grid of the U-City the ideal city design Le Corbusiers with their latches and symmetries? It would be a realization by virtualization. Le Corbusier himself wanted the central skyscrapers that "City brain" implant. Representation: the (medial) apparatus "Lift the room up and the time". By Smart Glass and other instrumentaries of augmented reality today the virtual overforms the physical room of the city. Histories can be called directly. Architecture is reduced to a picture container, which is gradually stamped. The city becomes a facade, as the facade becomes a touchscreen.

Cake Islands, City Islands and newly discovered neighbors

"Time" by Coop Skyb (L) Au, 1987. Image: Ewe cake

Mobile preliminary defense or jerking in the public room?

Lift the virtualization of social relationships in the space of the river the functionally divided city of long ways? Most services can be organized by home, consumptives like the productive. When tele work pays what is delivered, not where it is produced. The saved paths drove to a paradoxical envelope, illustrated with the image of the remote beach creative creating his business with his mobile. The time savings is created in parallel with work in new physical routes. The air traffic takes relative. The divisional division has become global.

Cake Islands, City Islands and newly discovered neighbors

First attempt to the intelligent kitchen: basic modules with integrated supply lines (middle 80s). Image: Arch + (reproduction)

Paradox also develops car traffic. Carsharing is currently conquering a market niche. It seems to be a pragmatic approach to reducing car traffic with its own resources. The rest periods of the cars are tured, the trips to the necessary contribution. The clientele is recruited from formally above-formed layers, which are receptionally, for the decoupling of use and property of a car. If the mobility is emancipated by the concept of private property, the public space in the truest sense can be recovered as a ‘shared space’ as Agora. The trend is strengthened by young adults who make their driver’s license later, be it that Facebook is more important to them, be it that they have one Lifestyle of Health and Sustainibility prefer. In the city is the fraction of a car only complementar.

Cake Islands, City Islands and newly discovered neighbors

New Songdo at Seoul. Image: TK / PR Public Relations

However, worldwide the vehicle number will double in the next 30 years. What rolls less in European city attractions is made up for demonstrative consumption that got raders. Sport Utility Vehicle – Alone the name particles of these up-to-blowing vehicles are omen. Your overdimensioning requires worse aerodynamic and consumption properties. To do that is a time-making form of luxury. The scope of assistance, already described in 1899 by Thorstein Veblen, can be umunzen on the SUVs: With the money I do not have, I buy a car that I do not need to impress people, which I can not suffer.

Cake Islands, City Islands and newly discovered neighbors

Humvees im Iraq, 2008. Written: High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle. Image: Eric Harris / U.S. Air Force

The original form of luxury was according to Veblen the takeover of the rich. With the disperse of capitalism and Protestant working ethics, the luxury material had to be appended the usual. Returned to cars, the "Sports" – The idea of channeling from the strain to boards. The automotive industry then contrary to better knowledge of these vehicles an ecological value on top of that. Greenwashing gives the "License for sale".

Cake Islands, City Islands and newly discovered neighbors

Hadi Teherani leaves cooking and living in one "Functional arch" to a holistic room concept together. Image: poggenpohl

FURS Unconscious is supplied a license to the dead. In the ancestral row of those vehicles can be found "Humvee" from golf war times. The technical functionality of the vehicle is symbolically increased to the self-purpose of destruction. It is a driving shrine of the human sacrifices rediscovered as a cult. This also lies with the Soft variants of the SUV that it is the compensation of lack of self-esteem new, threatened fuhlender middle classes. Who do not visit guests in the kitchen, it can "the other" in his "Gated automobile" Show on the strain – in the mobile capsule intrauterine security.

Cake Islands, City Islands and newly discovered neighbors

Ha Training: Aircraft car, on the armory in Koln. Image: Thomas Robbin. License: CC-BY-SA-3.0

The new urbanite could accelerate the obsolescence factor of the suburban Assault Tractors. Around the cake grouped apartment apartments, no longer only lofts, drove living, working and leisure together. Anyone who is looking for a change in the revived landfills only a few steps from the home tour to the Strahnecafe to meet with business partners, while a table continues to sit the house neighbors. Whom temporar the virtual networks or the electric pulses in the computer collapse, woman where he finds near help, and in the evening is danced by the theater troupe in the second backyard of the rhythm of the city. The digital Global Village has received a new regional counterpart: the quarters of the coal town with their different speeds.

All mixed? Puff cake. Real is the segregation through social and space segregation. New city islands form. The strongest metal of networking of the rooms is monitoring, except by gimmicks. What the city planners of the 20s still Nahelag, the mitigation of the misery by gradual adoption to the social utopia, will be overshadding today through technical visions. This utopias lacks utopia.

An exempt catch of the article will be published in autumn 2013 under the title "Merbal and cold heart. Help intelligent cakes from car-friendly city?" In: Kai Mechsele / Sabine Scharff (HG.): Technical term sustainability. Resonance of a mission statement, Bielefeld.

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