The “international interests” of germany against those of the demonstrators

The Rostock police department has issued a crude ban on gatherings to protect the security fence around the venue of the G8 summit in order to prevent the planned blockades by opponents of globalization

The police department of Rostock Kavala, prepared by appropriate warnings, announced yesterday a general prohibition of assembly around the venue of the G8 summit. This is now to protect the 12 km security fence that has been erected around Heiligendamm even from possible attacks and to prevent demonstrators from blocking the access roads. August Haning, State Secretary in the Federal Ministry of the Interior, defended on ARD television-"Morgenmagazin" the Mabnahme: "We have a duty as hosts that we do everything we can to protect our guests."

In addition to the protection of the guests, the right of assembly guaranteed by the Verfang recedes into the background. Like a father of the nation, Hanning added that they will "but also" make sure "that meetings can take place that also criticize the summit and certain aspects of globalization.". In the General Proclamation, "all open-air public gatherings and performances" are prohibited from 30. May to 9. June within the "technical barrier", as the security fence is called, "around Heiligendamm and up to 200 m in front of the technical barrier, as well as in the small (lakeside) restricted area in front of Heiligendamm" is prohibited. This also applies to all unannounced demonstrations, i.E. The planned blockades, in the much larger area around the "technical barrier". Between the 2. And 8. June was also imposed a ban mile around the airport Rostock.

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At legal crossroads

Security Council sanctions imposed without Due Process

One of the most contentious issues at the United Nations is the ie of Security Council reform. Along with sharp disagreements over the proposals of member states for expanding the number of seats on the Security Council is the less apparent ie of the need for change of the procedures by which decisions are made by the Security Council.

A letter dated 13 May to the Security Council regarding SC resolution 1267 (1999) states that the sanctions regime it established is "at a legal crossroads, with much attention focused on two challenges now on appeal before the Court of Justice of the European Communities."

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Drugs against unwanted behavior?

In the United Kingdom, the fight against so-called anti-social behavior has been rampant for years "antisocial behavior" Scientists now want to find out its physiological cause

For years, anti-social behavior in relation to children and young people has been grouped together in Great Britain and punished by the ASBOs (Anti-Social Behavior Order) ("We strike back"). Creative ideas (respect through supervision and punishment) were developed again and again, how the tendency to antisocial behavior could be stopped as early and creatively as possible (regular e-mails from school..). The government considers everything from graffiti to disturbing the peace, drinking in public, leaving gauze behind, snitching, or dealing drugs, which can "negatively affect others".

Despite the rough spectrum of antisocial behavior, British scientists from the University of Cambridge now want to have found out what is supposed to be partly responsible for it in male youths. Thus, the bodies of young people who have "antisocial behavior are said to be less" under stress emitted less cortisol than adolescents who had not exhibited antisocial behavior. The scientists measured salivary cortisol levels over several days during periods of no stress and then under experimental conditions that produce frustration. In the "normal" adolescents, cortisol levels rose steeply, while those with severe antisocial "with severe antisocial behavior" they decreased.

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East frisian jokes as “volksverhetzung”

What German investigating authorities deal with due to vaguely formulated paragra.

Last week, the radio station ffn announced that criminal charges had been filed because the company had loved to pay the presenter Timm Busche funf Ostfriesenwitze erzahlen. These were well within the scope of this category of jokes and did not touch on either historical or sexual taboos.

Differently than the picture newspaper reported, the public prosecutor’s office Osnabruck does not investigate so far however yet. This is however only because the ubermittlungsweg between authorities somewhat longer lasts and is to be counted on the fact that the announcement there only after next week arrives.

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It is getting tighter and tighter for the spanish judge llarena

It is getting tighter and tighter for the Spanish judge llarena

The Obserte Court in Madrid, where investigating judge Pablo Llarena works. Bild: VDF/CC BY-SA-3.0

The Catalan parliament has filed charges against the investigating judge for unlawful detention and perverting the course of justice, Merkel is said to have stopped a bloodbath in the independence referendum

The noose around the neck of the controversial Spanish investigating judge Pablo Llarena, who prosecutes Catalan politicians, continues to tighten. Llarena formulated the absurd charges of alleged rebellion (meaning a violent public uprising) on behalf of the Vorganger government. But it has already failed in Belgium and Germany.

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Austrian ruling parties want to make parliamentary work more secretive

Journalists threatened with penalties for reporting

The method of regulating several different issues in one legislative project in order to make questionable ones in the slipstream of popular changes is called "Paperclipping". A current example of this is the reform of investigative committees in Austria. There, unlike in Germany, for example, such bodies can only be decided by a parliamentary majority, not by a qualified minority. This makes the work of opposition parties much more difficult.

Now the two governing parties, the Christian Democratic People’s Party (oVP) and the Social Democratic Party (SPo), have held out the prospect of remedying this situation – if parliament agrees to a secrecy ordinance that stipulates that what is discussed in such an investigative committee must be classified in one of four secrecy levels ("Restricted", "Confidential", "Secret", "Strictly Secret") can fall into. If a member of such a committee leaks information to the media, journalists who report on it may face fines and imprisonment.

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The u.s. Only to u.s. Burgers

Arabic-looking illegal immigrants have been treated like major criminals and mistreated on several occasions; students from Arab countries who have gone home on vacation do not know if they will be allowed to return

Illegal entry into the U.S. Is known to be a criminal offense. Since terrorists have become fair game and the U.S. Government determines who is a terrorist, illegal immigrants have become a pawn in the game between the immigration authorities and the FBI.

"Evil must be caught by name," said Georges W. Bush during his visit to Old Europe. There was already the report from the Inspector General of the Justice Department, Glenn A. Fine, on the table. 760 men and women with Arabic noses or speaking Arabic who came to the city after the 11. The people apprehended as illegal immigrants in the United States on September 9, 2001, experienced U.S. Justice far from democratic rules of the game.

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Body upgrade to the economic crisis

Because the job market looks bleak for the millions of new college graduates in China, some are trying to improve their chances through cosmetic surgery

Due to the economic crisis, the Chinese labor market is collapsing. This affects not only millions of migrant workers who can no longer find a job in the cities and return to the countryside, but also young graduates. In 2008, one million university graduates were already unable to find a job. This year, another 6 million – 9 percent more than in 2008 – will enter the labor market, with poor prospects for the time being.

The Chinese government is trying to steamroll the mounting resentment of the young academic elite, who are falling into unemployment rather than finding lucrative jobs at universities, with graduation programs and other demand and training measures. Eventually, frustration rises with growing rejection. Some of the graduates, however, as even state media – to cover up? – Some of the graduates, however, are resorting to a kind of self-help to improve their chances on the job market, as state media report.

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King donald vs. Deep state: the “swamp” fight back

King donald vs. Deep state: the'sumpf' schlagt zuruck

Image: Female house

Real Game of Thrones

The Guild of Heralds and Loudspeakers had once again become very upset with King Donald, because he had called them "enemies of the people" had called. But the people of the kingdom, especially those in the countryside who had voted for him, agreed with Donald. They had already felt that they were not fully and neutrally informed during the campaign, but only very one-sidedly, and had not followed the recommendations of almost all the speakers, who all spoke out in favor of Hillary.

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Hotspot eastern europe

After financing the upswing of the CEE countries, Austrian banks in particular are now seen as candidates for bankruptcy on the international financial markets – and probably unfairly so

The central and southeastern European "reform states" that were formerly part of the Soviet Union have been at the center of the global financial crisis in recent weeks: the drastic decline in industrial production and the simultaneous collapse of their respective economies have caused the previously successful growth model of these countries, which was based on foreign loans, to fail, according to the analysis departments of banks that are not heavily involved in these regions. Corresponding warnings were also issued by the rating agencies, of which Moody’s issued one on 17 December. February issued a serious warning regarding the lending banks.

According to the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), the involvement of Austrian financial institutions in this region is particularly dangerous. Euros in outstanding loans in this region. This is more than 80 percent of Austria’s annual economic output, and on the credit markets it is apparently a given that this potential threat far exceeds the possibilities of the Austrian government. In the event of a crisis, Austria would be threatened with national bankruptcy, which is reflected in the recent massive increase in risk premiums for Austrian government debt. So hat sich der Risikoaufschlag gegenuber deutschen Bundesanleihen innerhalb nur einer Woche auf 133 Basispunkte (1 BP = 0,01 Prozentpunkt) verdoppelt und liegt nun hoher als jener Spaniens, so dass im Euroraum derzeit nur noch Griechenland und Irland hohere Aufschlage zahlen mussen.

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