Cake islands, city islands and newly discovered neighbors

Cake Islands, City Islands and newly discovered neighbors

The space "to eat and drink" In the Dresden Hygienemuseum. In red the fully automatic kitchen "Elektra Technovision" (1965-1971) by Hasso Gehrmann. Image: German Hygiene Museum / David Brandt

In Smart City, two movement space meet – Part 2

Was it in the first part around the rationalization of the "Machine room kitchen" On the one hand and the functional city on the other side, the question can now be limited, which opportunities offer the digitization and virtualization of urban and domestic functions to cancel the working part of the long traffic routes. All about human qualities are towards this.

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Federal constitutional court lifts ban on assemblies in heidenau

"The ban of assemblies in the entire area of the city of Heidenau for the upcoming weekend weighs heavily"

The fundamental right to freedom of assembly (Art. 8 GG) is a gross fundamental right, commented SZ legal expert Heribert Prantl when the administrative court in Dresden overturned a ban on demonstrations by the district administration for the weekend in Heidenau.

After that, the Higher Administrative Court in Bautzen had reinstated the assembly ban in an emergency decision – at least partially. Because: "All events planned by the alliance 'Dresden Nazifrei' for this Friday were allowed to take place, the judges decided in the evening", reported the Tagesschau.

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The afd and its underground

The afd and its underground

Bjorn Hocke at the state party conference of the AfD-Thuringen on 19. August 2019 in Arnstadt. Bild: Vincent Eisenfeld/CC BY-SA-4.0

27. October: The world looks to Thuringia

On Sunday are state elections in Thuringia. A close result is expected. Currently, the Left Party seems to be in the lead thanks to the popularity of the incumbent Prime Minister Bodo Ramelow, followed by the AfD. While the CDU keeps pace with these two parties, the Grune and Social Democrats receive less than half as much support. The FDP must fear the 5% hurdle.

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