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The journal is published by the National Insurance Institute (NII), which has been shaping the Central European insurance market by founding, educational, consulting and training activity since the 1990s.

National Insurance Institute

The National Insurance Institute (NII) is a research institution offering services to organizations, companies and institutions in the entire financial-insurance sector.

The NII was established in 1989 as part of the Polish Association of Business Initiatives and subsequently The Brokerage House PROGRES SA. In 1992 it became an independent organization with the status of a limited liability company.

Apart from its services for institutions, organizations and firms in the financial-insurance sector, the NII offers research and consulting services to state institutions and large business entities and organizations in Poland, Lithuania, Japan, the United States, Ukraine, and Israel.

Catalog of NII Publications

Moreover, the NII has issued many low-circulation publications and expert reports for the Council of Ministers’ Office, the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of Health, the Polish Chamber of Commerce, insurance institutions, banks, and other organizations and firms in Poland, Germany, Lithuania, Ukraine, the USA, and Japan.

The NII has also published training materials and publications for the purposes of insurance curricula at the Warsaw School of Economics, the Academy of Finance in Warsaw, the Higher School of Economics and Computer Science, and the Medical University of Łódź.

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